̶J̶u̶s̶t̶i̶c̶e̶ Pizza Was Served

Today I served as a juror on a case that ultimately ended in mistrial. More than a little bit frustrating for everyone involved. I think I can say this much publicly without causing any trouble.

On the bright side, during my jury duty lunch break I walked around the neighborhood of the Salt Lake City Justice Center and discovered the delicious cheapskate wonder that is the Monday special at The Pie Hole: 2 slices and a soda for $5. I had a pepperoni and "The Snoop," which is broccoli and 'shrooms on pesto.


"Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all"--

The thing about taking a break from social media is that it becomes increasingly hard to come back. Almost nothing seems worthy enough to break the silence. There are potentially a lot of good things you could share or comments you could make when sharing things all of the time, but in the context of silence how could any of these things be the one special thing that is so essential that you had to come back from the dead just to tell everyone about it?


{Frank Ocean x Barbara Streisand x Benny and the Jets x The Bee Gees x Earl Sweatshirt x Elton John x Super Rich Kids} loop until

I've had this multi-song loop on repeat in my head for several days now. At seemingly random moments each song pivots inexorably into some key part of the next song, and then back again. These three songs are now forever bound in my internal soundtrack.

This is a clinical test of the communicability of such a mashup. I'm now attempting to codify it and share it with you, like a musically transmitted disease, like the mutated, resistant-strain super-earworm that I know it to be.

You're welcome.

Architect of the Possible

Earlier today I was talking to myself on Twitter and I came to this realization:

I spend more time collecting things to do than I do actually doing things.

Here's the complete thread that led to this conclusion:

In the process of my confession I guess I hurt pocket's feelings by admitting to not reading all my saved articles, so I had to try to make that better:

Then I remembered a phrase from a keynote at an education conference I attended last week.

You are an architect of the possible.

It altered my attitude and reformed my failures as just successes in embryo.

Inspirational quotes from keynotes truly can change our lives and save us.

Another type of item I start and collect without finishing? Web sites. For example, I've just started this one.

I'll be pulling in my old posts from a couple of previous blogs, so that I can have them all in one place. Again, there I go with the collecting and planning, instead of just making or doing something.

Addenda to My Twitter Biography

All thoughts are not my own. I am influenced and manipulated by everything around me. I digest, regurgitate, commodify and plagiarize everything I find. I share with you expressly what the voices instruct me to share. I am also the voice of corporate interests. I'm not sure if I even have my own thoughts.

RT = endorsement. In fact, if I retweet you it means I completely approve of and unabashedly endorse not only that tweet, but everything you have ever said and done as well as everything you will ever do going forward. You have my complete trust and faith in all things at all times. I love you.