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I Have Two Instagram Accounts

I started writing this extended narrative about how much I hated Instagram; all my arguments, ranging from the reasonable to the ridiculous, for hating Instagram; my circuitous and heartwarming journey toward understanding, ultimately arriving at this watershed moment of having two Instragram accounts. But I realized that is a waste of everyone's time. (It is still available upon request, though.) 

I'll get to it:
I have two Instagram accounts --

joshuadwhiting - Private account where I will pretty much only share pictures of my kids, and from which I only follow family members and will only allow family members to follow me. (Occasionally I will push a picture from this account to Facebook so that non-familial friends can also see my kids, assuming they are browsing Facebook, haven't hidden me from their feed, the mystical algorithm turns in my favor, and they don't avert their eyes or
scroll as fast as possible.)

froztfreez  - public account where I share random or weird pictures, generally not of my of kids and definitely not their faces, and from which I will follow all sorts of people and institutions, not just family. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to follow me here.

That is all.