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{Frank Ocean x Barbara Streisand x Benny and the Jets x The Bee Gees x Earl Sweatshirt x Elton John x Super Rich Kids} loop until

I've had this multi-song loop on repeat in my head for several days now. At seemingly random moments each song pivots inexorably into some key part of the next song, and then back again. These three songs are now forever bound in my internal soundtrack.

This is a clinical test of the communicability of such a mashup. I'm now attempting to codify it and share it with you, like a musically transmitted disease, like the mutated, resistant-strain super-earworm that I know it to be.

You're welcome.

The Most Disappointing Words I Have Ever Heard My Son Say

Son: Could you turn off the music, please? It’s kind of bothering me.

Me: Um, okay. Sure.

Son: It sounds kind of strange.

Me: Hmm. Okay. [Music is turned off by this point.]

Son: I just like fun music, not strange music.

[But strange music IS fun music!??]

This is what was playing when he said this:

Background: I had this playlist of Brazilian pop playing. I was cleaning the kitchen and making lunch, he was playing with LEGOS. He kept asking about the music. I thought he was interested in it. So then I shared some older Brazilian music, for context. Getz/Gilberto. Turns out I was just bugging the heck out of him, talking about Brazil and music and playing all this stuff.

 So sad.

My consolation, I think he might like Floridada. He was asking about it, at least. (”What this song is about?”)