A Start

I’ve been staying up until crazy late hours every day this week on a sustained reading bender.  The books? All middle grade fiction.  Tonight, instead of picking up the next book,  I took a few free minutes to write and reflect, for the first time in forever.  I stayed up until crazy late hours again and decided to finally kick start this kid literature blog that has been formulating in my head for some time.

So, welcome to my new children’s literature blog!

My purposes here are several, and always subject to revision:

  1. Read widely and deeply, and comment on my reading, so as to,
  2. Share my enjoyment of, fascination with, and quandaries about children’s literature,
  3. Seek to explore and understand the history, the present, and the possible futures of the reading/writing/hearing/illustrating/seeing of children’s literature,
  4. Evaluate what works and what doesn’t work in children’s literature, who it does or doesn’t work for, where the boundaries are, and why, and,
  5. Start writing again, and be kind of serious about it, or at least consistent and persistent.

My qualifications? What are the necessary qualifications for the study, appreciation, creation, and dissemination of literature for children?  That I guess is another question I’ll be exploring.

Lacking: I am not exactly a child.  I am not exactly a teacher.  I am not exactly a librarian. I am not exactly an author, editor, publisher, or promoter.  I am not exactly a database or recommendation algorithm.  I do not have many opportunities to suggest directly to children what they could or should read, nor do I often have the opportunities to find out what they thought about what they read afterward.

Having: I am a father of two children under three years of age  (so I am at least gaining some firsthand experience with board books and certain picture books with their intended audience.)  I am the recipient of a bachelor’s degree in the study of English.  I was once a kid who loved books, many of which were considered literature for children.  I am a man who still loves books, many of which are considered literature for children.  I have attempted and hope to attempt again to write, and some of my writings I will hope to have considered as literature for children.

Is that enough to begin to explore and speak on this subject with any amount of legitimacy? If not, I’ll just fake it like most everyone else.

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