Architect of the Possible

Earlier today I was talking to myself on Twitter and I came to this realization:

I spend more time collecting things to do than I do actually doing things.

Here's the complete thread that led to this conclusion:

In the process of my confession I guess I hurt pocket's feelings by admitting to not reading all my saved articles, so I had to try to make that better:

Then I remembered a phrase from a keynote at an education conference I attended last week.

You are an architect of the possible.

It altered my attitude and reformed my failures as just successes in embryo.

Inspirational quotes from keynotes truly can change our lives and save us.

Another type of item I start and collect without finishing? Web sites. For example, I've just started this one.

I'll be pulling in my old posts from a couple of previous blogs, so that I can have them all in one place. Again, there I go with the collecting and planning, instead of just making or doing something.

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