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Joshua Whiting

digital librarianish person, writer, creator

Welcome, you’ve found my new website! Thanks for stopping by and sorry about the mess, as this is still a work in progress.

My name is Joshua Whiting and I live in Millcreek, Utah. Among other things I am a digital content manager in education and libraries, a writer, a reader, a lifelong learner, a dad, and a husband.

You can see a quick view of what I’m working on and thinking about on my now page.

You can find other places to connect with me on my about page.

I want to write and make more things, so I’m starting with this site. I’m building it mostly from scratch to force myself to learn more about web design and coding.

On this site I’ll share writings and updates about things I’m working on, thinking about, or interested in, both professionally and personally. It’s all in active development; this is the second draft/iteration.

For now you can see a few recent thoughts and activities in my notes and updates section. In the future I’ll be adding new writings and projects into the longer things section, as well as bringing back selected writings and content from older iterations of jdwhiting dot com and other mostly-defunct blogs and websites where I have published in the past.

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