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Joshua Whiting

librarianish person, writer, creator

Welcome to my home on the world wide web!

My name is Joshua Whiting (he/they). I am a dad, a husband, a media specialist / librarianish person in the educational technology department of a school district, a sometimes writer, and maybe some other things.

I want to learn about, write, and make more things, and I wanted a place of my own to put those things, so I created this site.

As I distance myself from many social media networks, this will likely become my main venue for creative activity and publication on the Internet.

You can find a menu of additional features by clicking on the ‘+’ sign in the top right corner of this web page.

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On Virtual Coffee and Mormons Who Play Animal Crossing
Posted: 2021.11.27

Writing the Great American Email
Posted: 2021.11.18

Posted: 2021.10.22

A Horse Called Dreamer
Posted: 2020.08.05

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The things you don't say accumulate - screenshot of my horoscope iOS notification

The things you don’t say accumulate.

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moon pic

moon pic

moomlight notes

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This site now aims to be the contemporary equivalent of enigmatic handmade publications hoarded in a drawer.

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On Virtual Coffee and Mormons Who Play Animal Crossing

(Published this new ‘longer thing’ in the Features / Longer Things area of this website.)

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Your art is more important than your audience - screenshot of my horoscope

Your art is more important than your audience.

– so says my A.I. / algorithmically generated horoscope today, the notification popping up while I was mid-contemplating just how to curate collections and microthoughts such as these on this website, and whether to continue to do it just for myself or reconnect somehow with a social media network for the possible benefit or irritation of unknown others.

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