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Think I’m going to try writing a poem every day in April.

Think I’m going to try writing a poem every day in April.

I went looking and “writing a poem every day in April” is already a thing, it’s been a thing for a long time. It has a hashtag and a domain and some blog posts. That’s definitely enough to be thing.
#napowrimo #glopowrimo

Not quite decided yet on whether I will post the poems online or share them in any way as I make them.

Actually I’m fairly decided that I won’t share them. I’ll just use it as a way to get back into writing, bank up some ideas and drafts, see what happens.

There’s also this other piece of it I’m thinking about, a weekly #NaPoWriMo class in Salt Lake, but I’m not sure I dare to do it or if it will be a good fit for me.


I mainly mention it because it might be a good fit for someone else.

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