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While Reading: Weird Little Robots

Weird Little Robots - Cover (plus my daughter's collection of dismembered lego minifigs)

I’m reading Weird Little Robots by Carolyn Crimi and Corinna Luyken to my kids right now, and so far it feels kind of like if Kate Dicamillo had collaborated with Stephen Spielberg on one of his 80s Amblin projects. In other words, I’m enjoying it. And my kids like it, too.

Weird Little Robots - Inside Spread - 1

Weird Little Robots - Inside Spread - 2

(Disclosure 1: I did creepily take these pictures in the lamp light of my kids’ bedroom after they fell asleep tonight.)

(Disclosure 2: The publisher did provide my school district with this copy of Weird Little Robots for review purposes, and it will end up in a school library or be given away to a student after I’ve reviewed it.)

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