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I kind of forgot how my website works. Oops.

And if anyone out there actually subscribes to this RSS, just a heads up that I am messing with it and it is about to change to be more conventially formatted…

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It has only been two days since I started posting on my site again and also syndicating the posts to various places, and I’m finally ready to admit:

  1. it is in fact a huge pain in the ass to use Hugo as a microblog (at least the way I have mine set up)

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It feels like the last days of social media, looting, anarchy, the scattering of peoples and the confounding of languages, so I feel like I can post again with abandon now. Posts no longer feeling chiseled in stone, but wandering snowflakes that might melt away at any moment. Or maybe just blobs of semi-melted snow.

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 - It’s not unusual to overeat on Thanksgiving, but you may end up feeling bloated, gassy and uncomfortable afterward.

Prescient analysis on the events of the coming day from the New York Times.

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On spending Saturday afternoon driving around two counties in the rain making returns of dumb shit I bought online that doesn’t fit or that I don’t really need, and on being too self conscious to go to the art museum and go in with wet clothes on the last day of an exhibition I wanted to see, even though I was just a few blocks from it and going there was my original plan

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Do I really need to get credit for every random thing I read and find at all interesting by semi-publicly recording it here on this website?

Maybe, yeah.

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I read this 33 and ⅓ entry on Unknown Pleasures and then re-listened to pretty much every track Joy Division ever recorded.

Picture of the book Unknown Pleasures by Chris Ott, about Joy Division Screenshot of my Joy Division discography playlist in Apple Music

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The first “links last week” still isn’t really happening today - I didn’t keep up with it other than the first day of the week, which happened to be the 4th of July.

I guess I could still post the links I did note at the first of the week, because a couple of them are really good, though a bit dependent on the “Independence Day” context. Find them after the jump.

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Ugh. Fell into the “Writing the Great American Email” trap at work today. Several times.

Some people like hearing themselves talk, I guess I like reading myself write.

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  1. Tried Taqueria Los Lee for lunch today.

  2. This interview with Alok Vaid-Menon was by far the best thing I’ve read/listened to/otherwise taken in this week.

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