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It's a Moot Point by Melanie Faye - Cover Art

I had a dream that I listened to this song on a different streaming platform and the guitar solos were missing from the track. I feverishly scoured the internet trying to find the original version with the guitar solos and figure out what was happening. Tabs kept closing on me and websites glitched into oblivion. I wasn’t sure if the streaming platform or record label had demanded their removal, or if she had somehow become ashamed of them and self-censored, or if it was the Mandela effect, or some other kind of weird conspiracy, but I was going to somehow get to the bottom of this cosmic scandal against musicianship and bring the lost guitar solos back to light.

The next day I had to listen to the song several times on different platforms just to be reassured that the guitar solos had not actually disappeared, but still remained on the track in their fulness.

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It’s actually kind of inspiring how bad this film is.

Permanent Vacation Poster Image

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I feel like every moment of my life going forward could be another scene of this film.

Stranger Than Paradise Poster Image

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I think she might be the most hilarious actor I’ve ever watched.

Nights of Cabiria - Poster

La Strada - Poster

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This post will be updated throughout the year as I encounter new music. (Last Updated 2/16/2020. Created 2/15/2020.)

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