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Big Cottonwood Regional Park Photosphere with Detached Puppy Tail and Ghost Girl

My daughter really wanted to be immortalized as a ghostly figure on google maps so I decided to make this photosphere public. See also: our deconstructed puppy’s detached floating tail.

[ more of Big Cottonwood Regional Park Photosphere with Deconstructed Puppy and Ghost Girl ]


Today I happened upon an excerpt from Tommy Pico’s forthcoming poem/book Feed, and I’m weirdly excited about it now.

Screenshot of the preview of 'Feed' by Tommy Pico from the Poetry Foundation website

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In the 21st century, we are all migrants, by Mohsin Hamid

We Are All Migrants - National Geographic article - Screenshot

[ more of Link: In the 21st century, we are all migrants ]


‘I want to be like Robin Sloan when I grow up’ is a thought I have pretty much every time I read one of his newsletters.

Robin Sloan email newsletter screenshot

[ more of Link: Robin Sloan's essay in the form of a thread from a fictional social network ]

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